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The Importance of Ethiopian Elections
The Parliamentary elections in Ethiopia held on 21 June 2021 come at a very important time for the future of Ethiopia, and the Horn of Africa. With 120 million people, Ethiopia is the second most populous African country. It was economically growing rapidly with 8.4% (2019) falling to 6.1% (2020)1. It provided stability in the region.
Xi Jinping is Taking Steps to Avoid any Surprise by the Opposition
It would be unwise today to discount reports of opposition to Chinese President Xi Jinping. This especially since opposition to him burst into the open first in 2017-2018 when Xi Jinping abolished term limits for the top Party posts at the 18th Party Congress. Dissatisfaction with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Xi Jinping personally, surfaced again in 2020, when the authorities mishandled the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. The period leading to the 20th Party Congress, crucial for Xi Jinping if he wants to continue to lead China, is sensitive.
Fore-warning that could not be Heeded
In mid-April of 2013, with Xi Jinping regime in saddle, the PLA set up a camp nearly 19 kilometres west of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) near the Raki Nala in India’s strategically sensitive Depsang Plains part of Eastern Ladakh. The intrusion came to the countrymen’s notice after some ten days, and that led to much consternation among the people and their representatives in the Parliament, besides, of course, our active television media.
Political Initiatives and Peace Building in J & K: The external and Internal Dimensions
India’s political community and leadership has always been bold in experimentation, especially when it comes to J&K. Instances come to mind of past events such as the decision to conduct elections in 1996 when the externally sponsored campaign of terror was almost at its height. Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s initiatives always spelt an element of hope, even if they were against the grain of the events of the time. After the path breaking constitutional decisions taken on 5 Aug 2019 many aspects of the handling of the contentious J&K issue also took a turn.
Iran’s Presidential Elections
The Presidential election in Iran has resulted in Mr. Ebrahim Raisi’s victory by 62 percent of the votes. The election coincided with the talks in Vienna to revive the nuclear deal. Both the events came at a time when the situation in Afghanistan is worsening. A protracted civil war or a Taliban takeover in Kabul will have implications for the security of the region. The mujahedin victory in Afghanistan presaged trouble in J&K. There does not appear to be any change in Talibans’ behaviour. They have not accepted Afghanistan’s constitution or the plural civil society in that country.
US and Russia Engage Again
The publicly-stated “outcomes” from the US-Russia summit meeting in Geneva on June 16 are well-known: return of their Ambassadors to their respective stations; foreign office discussions on restoration of diplomatic properties and staff strengths in their diplomatic and consular missions; talks on exchange of prisoners; launch of “strategic stability” talks (for arms control); establishing a mechanism for preventing cyber/ransomware attacks from the territory of either country; and consultations on cooperation in the Arctic.
Pakistan External and Internal Developments
Pakistan remains mired in complexities and uncertainties. On the external front, Post US withdrawal from Afghanistan, what will be Pakistan's role in Afghanistan? How far it's own security will be affected in case of Taliban gaining the upper hand in Afghanistan? Internally there have been reports of an economic turn-around with growth rate being estimated at 3.94 percent. How credible is this since the number seems to be overestimated when compared with the current trends of Pakistan’s economy. Join Amb DP Srivastava and Aakriti Vinayak as they discuss these pertinent questions.
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