Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor (17-23 July)


Over 50 countries close to debt default – UN
The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has issued an alarm about the plight of developing countries as a key meeting of G20 ministers in India stalls on the subject of debt ....

Extreme Weather Events: Time to Prioritize Global Responses to Climate Change

Extreme weather events have been ravaging the world. From Europe to Asia, North America and Africa, all have been hit by devastating extreme natural disasters.1 The number of these extreme incidences that have occurred this year has raised....

Is Taiwan’s Ongoing Drought a Wake –Up Call for the Rest of the World?

The increased frequency and severity of droughts across the globe is becoming a matter of huge concern. In 2018, the global media was flooded with the news of the capital city of Cape Town of South Africa running out of water as the city experienced ....

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