Climate Change
Climate Change & Environmental Degradation: Impacts of War in Afghanistan

In the beginning of this month (February 2024) a three-day international conference on climate change was organized by the Nangarhar University situated in Jalalabad, the capital city of the eastern Nangarhar province of Afgh....

Climate Change in Central Asia: An Assessment of its Impact and Crisis Management

Climate change is having a significant impact on Central Asia, affecting social, economic, and environmental facets of society. Extreme weather conditions such as the coldest winters, flooding, earthquakes, melting of glacier....

Climate Change in 2023: Has the World Reached an Inflection Point?

2023 was a watershed year for climate change. As record after record was broken that year, experts lamented that the world may have reached an inflection point. For example, CO2 levels in the atmosphere are projected to reach....

Pathways to World War III

Understanding ‘World War’
A world war is an international conflict that involves most or all of the world's major powers. The Oxford English Dictionary cited the first known usage in the English language to a Scottish newspaper, Th....

Neighborhood News Digest – 06 December 2023


World Bank to Resume Projects in Afghanistan: Ministry- Tolo News
The Ministry of Finance in Afghanistan said that the World Bank will resume around 45 incomplete projects in the country. The payment for some proj....

Neighborhood News Digest – 04 December 2023


Kabul Rejects US Report on Al-Qaeda, Daesh in Afghanistan- Tolo News
On November 30, the US State Department released a report dated April 2023 that focused on terrorism in 2022 and which claimed that Al-Qaeda, Da....

Neighborhood News Digest – 01 December 2023


Delegation of Religious Scholars of Islamic Countries Arrives in Kabul- Tolo News
A delegation of religious scholars from Islamic countries led by Dr. Ali al-Qaradaghi arrived in Kabul on Thursday to meet with the....

Phool.Co: An Effort to Clean Environment Through Fragrance

In Bharat, flowers are one of the essential elements in prayers offered by millions of people daily. Apart from religious activities, floral consumption also occurs in the textile, medicine, and perfume industries. According to the data from the I....

Climate Change: Reflections on Issues, Challenges and the Way Forward

The Climate Change Expert Group was established at the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) in 2022. It comprises of experts from a wide range of fields, including climate and weather systems, the environment, energy, diplomacy and national sec....

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