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POK: Truth, Lies, and Deception
Third anniversary of the deletion of Article 370 brought out the usual round of protests from Pakistani and POK leaders. August 5 has been named Yom-e- Istehsal or the Day of Exploitation. The Prime Minister of POK Tanveer Ilyas led a protest rally in front of the UNMOGIP office in Muzaffarabad. Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto addressed a letter to the OIC.[1] While article 370 was in force, Pakistan’s stand was that ‘autonomy’ is not a substitute for ‘Azadi’.
Ukraine and the post-Cold War disorder
The war in Ukraine is in its sixth month, with no clarity on an endgame. Russia reiterates it will not back down, until it achieves its original objectives. Ukraine seeks more heavy weaponry from the West, to drive Russian forces back to their pre-war positions. NATO countries respond with lethal weapons supplies, in pursuit of a “strategic defeat” for Russia.
India-Japan: Maritime Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific
The Indo-Pacific, stretching from the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) to the central Pacific Ocean, is home to a large diversity of marine resources and ecosystems and plays a significant role in regional and global trade networks. Two states which look to capitalize on such cooperation are India and Japan. Both states are positioned as complementary powers due to the nature of their development and current needs.
The Russia-Ukraine Conflict and its Implications for the Environment
The Russia-Ukraine war is re-shaping the world. The war which began on 24th February 2022 has resulted in a fast-moving refugee crisis, unprecedented sanctions on Russia, and a re-shuffle of global relationships.
How China's Past Actively Shapes its Foreign Policy
China’s perceived image of its past actively shapes its policy in the present. For a China determined to restore its past glory, it is significant to utilize narratives from history to effectively shape and justify a fervent and yet aggressive foreign policy.
I2U2 Grouping: Transformational Force for Global Good and India’s Strategic Imperatives
With the formation of I2U2 grouping comprising India, Israel, the USA, and the UAE a new strategic alliance has come into action towards promoting robust cooperation for establishing geostrategic and geo-economic equilibrium coupled with shared economic progress in the traditionally sensitive West Asia. The region also constitutes proximity to India and falls in New Delhi’s extended neighbourhood in the west.
Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan takes the Island Nation to International Limelight
In the wake of escalating tensions between the US and China that started over trade issues and further complicated by the Covid-19, the Taiwan issue has emerged as a caucus belli for a possible conflagration, which if not controlled with deft diplomacy and dialogue, could snowball into a major regional crisis, adversely impacting many nations in the region and with perilous consequences.
VIF News Digests
China Daily Digest
August 10, 2022
China: Daily Scan, August 10, 2022

China intensifies crackdown on cryptocurrency hype, speculation: Xinhuanet August 9, 2022 China's internet watchdog on...

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Neighbourhood News
August 12, 2022
VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: August 12, 2022

Afghanistan MoHE Forms Directorate of Academic Curriculum: Tolo News The Ministry of Higher Education said that the leader...

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Global Developments And Analysis: Weekly Monitor
August 10, 2022
Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor, 01 August - 07 August 2022

Economic World re-entering the coal age – IEA Global coal demand could reach 8 billion tons in 2022, matching a historic...

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Africa Now
August 8, 2022
Africa Now - Weekly Newsletter (Week 32, 2022)

Welcome to Africa Now, your weekly newsletter for Africa, presenting the most important developments in the continent -...

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Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
August 8, 2022
VIF News Digest: National Security - Defence Studies & Terrorism, 16-31 July 2022

DEFENCE Chief of Army Staff Proceeds on a Three Day Visit to Bangladesh. Prime Minister unveils ‘SPRINT’. Joint Press...

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International Development
July 3, 2021
VIF News Digest: International Developments (US, Europe and Russia), 16-30 June 2021

I. UNITED STATES Politics and Society Biden, Putin say progress made in Geneva but gulfs on issues remain, 16 June 2021...

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VIF Cyber Review
August 12, 2022
VIF Cyber Review: July 2022

NATIONAL Government of India issued a consultation paper on the “Need for a new legal framework governing Telecommunication...

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Myanmar Round Up
August 12, 2022
Myanmar Round-Up: July 2022

On 25 July, the military carried out executions of four political prisoners, making it the country’s first use of capital...

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West Asia Round Up
August 12, 2022
West Asia Round up-July 2022

Abstract: After 19 months into his Presidency the US Administration decided that President Joe Biden embark on a ‘mending...

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Global Development and Analysis - Url Archive

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