India and the Changing World Order (Emerging paradigm shift in the changing global, political and economic order)
S Gurumurthy, Chairman, VIF

India and the Changing World breaks free from conventional boundaries, delving fearlessly into the realms of emerging civilizational, religious, and historical matters. Its purpose lies in sparking essential conversations about broader matters, such as civilizational, cultural, and social diversity issues that have been overlooked in the shaping of the post-World War II and post-Cold War global order. As the existing global order confronts unprecedented challenges, this book serves as a catalyst, fueling a discourse that captures the essence of a rapidly evolving world. Through a comparative study, the book offers fresh insights into the contrasting approaches of short-termist liberal democracies and long-termist autocratic China, shedding light on the distinctive qualities of a liberal and civilizational democracy as exemplified by India. Within its illuminating pages, you will uncover the critical challenges that Indian democracy faces, navigating the complexities of its relationship with both autocratic China and the liberal West. Additionally, the book examines the fundamental differences between market economics and market societies. It artfully unravels contemporary geopolitical, geo-economic, and geostrategic issues, offering intricate analysis of India's strategic connections with select nations and its ever-growing ties with the USA. Moreover, it dares to propose innovative solutions like astronomy-based education as a means to foster conflict resolution. With an invitation that resonates deeply, India and the Changing World Order calls upon you to partake in a discourse that reevaluates the past, contextualises the present, and ultimately shapes the trajectory of our shared future.

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