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चीन और शी जिनपिंग के लिए आगे का समय मुश्किल
चीन एक कठिन समय की तरफ बढ़ रहा है। इस समय को डावांडोल करने के लिए कई कारकों का एक जगह जुटान हो गया है। कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी ऑफ चाइना (सीसीपी) की 20वीं कांग्रेस के मुश्किल से छह महीने रह गए हैं, इसको देखते हुए चीनी राष्ट्रपति शी जिनपिंग के लिए यह विशेष चिंता करने का समय होगा। खास तौर पर इसलिए कि वे अपने देश की आर्थिक नीति एवं विदेश नीति के कर्ता-धर्ता रहे हैं, और ये दोनों क्षेत्र ऐसे हैं, जहां प्रमुख समस्याएं बनी हुई हैं। चीनी शिक्षाविद और रणनीतिकार अमेरिका के साथ पिछले कुछ वर्षों से चीन के बिगड़ते संबंधों के लिए शी जिनपिंग को जिम्मेदार मानते हैं। पेइचिंग में 4 फरवरी को शी-पुतिन शिखर वार्ता के बाद
Responding to American Criticism of India’s Stance on Russia-Ukraine Conflict
If western governments are ready to accommodate India by balancing their longer term interest in keeping it within their “democratic” fold with their shorter term interest in drawing India into the circle of “democratic” states condemning Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, America’s “India experts” are being encouraged or have taken upon themselves to keep flagging the issue of India’s “neutral” position on the conflict to mould public opinion against it.
Assessment of Islamic State Khorasan Province
Tarjuman Al-Asawirti, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media outlet, released a video in English titled "The Crusade Shaming Tactics." The video starts with the following message, "Manipulators use strategies to make others feel pitiful and they can make one feel humiliated for daring to challenge. It is an effective way to foster a sense of inadequacy. The Crusaders used this tactic against Muslims to change their religious behaviour. For this reason, God warned his Prophet, peace be upon him, not to accept anything from the infidels that might lead to reconciliation with them.
Indigenisation: A New Awakening- Where are We Headed?

Setting the Perspective

The Recent Past
It was not very long ago when the word ‘indigenisation’ of defence equipment used to draw passive and uninspiring thoughts in the mind.
The ‘Unresolved’ Taiwan issue: Chinese Achilles Heel?
The Russian attack on Ukraine raised a lot of questions about the future of Taiwan. The most pertinent questions being will Beijing attack Taiwan and force a military take over of the island, the second being will the United States fulfil its commitment towards safeguarding Taiwan against any military attack from China. The recent statement by the United States President Joe Biden in Japan puts a lot of these questions to rest. Biden said that the United States is committed to safeguard Taiwan militarily while agreeing to the one-China policy.
Is India Ready to Adapt to the Impacts of Extreme Weather Events?
From March to April this year, India experienced an unprecedented heatwave with many places in northern India recording temperature in excess of 45°C over extended periods of time.
Quad Summit in Tokyo & India-US relations
The Quad summit in the month of May was held in the background of the ongoing war in the Ukraine. The Quad launched important new initiatives. In this episode, Prof C. Raja Mohan, Senior fellow, Asia Society Policy Institute discusses the recent Quad summit in Tokyo, its outcomes and the future of the Quad with Amruta Karambelkar. He also analysed India-US relations in the connect of the Russia-Ukraine War.
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China Daily Digest
June 24, 2022
China: Daily Scan, June 24, 2022

Yuan Jiajun elected Party chief of China's Zhejiang: Xinhuanet June 23, 2022 Yuan Jiajun has been elected secretary of the...

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Neighbourhood News
June 24, 2022
VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: June 24, 2022

Afghanistan Earthquake Death Toll in Paktika, Khost Rises to 1,100: Tolo News Islamic Emirate officials said that the...

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Global Developments And Analysis: Weekly Monitor
June 21, 2022
Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor, 13 June 2022 - 19 June 2022

Economic Chinese President Xi Jinping warns against international decoupling in Russia speech Chinese President Xi Jinping...

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Africa Now
June 20, 2022
Africa Now - Weekly Newsletter (Week 25, 2022)

Welcome to Africa Now, your weekly newsletter for Africa, presenting the most important developments in the continent - news...

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Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
June 21, 2022
VIF News Digest: National Security - Defence Studies & Terrorism, 01-15 June 2022

DEFENCE 11th edition of India - Italy Military Cooperation Group (MCG). Raksha Mantri (RM) held a bilateral meeting with...

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International Development
July 3, 2021
VIF News Digest: International Developments (US, Europe and Russia), 16-30 June 2021

I. UNITED STATES Politics and Society Biden, Putin say progress made in Geneva but gulfs on issues remain, 16 June 2021...

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VIF Cyber Review
June 10, 2022
VIF Cyber Review: May 2022

NATIONAL CERT-In issued advisory on Mobile-based Malware On 30 May 2022, Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In)...

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Myanmar Round Up
June 16, 2022
Myanmar Round-Up: May 2022

The country is reeling under political and economic crisis. The military initiated peace talks during the month in its...

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West Asia Round Up
May 9, 2022
West Asia and North Africa Roundup: April 2022

Abstract: The region continued to face the pressures of the Russia -Ukraine conflict while trying to help in alleviating...

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