The Sherpa Trail: Stories from Darjeeling and Beyond, Authors: Nandini Purandare & Deepa Balsavar; Roli Books, Rs 695/

A Tribute to the Sherpas
If you want to learn about the legendary courage of the Sherpa people, feel what they feel, understand their triumphs and disappointments and get a glimpse into what makes them tick, there is no better book—at l....

Neighborhood News Digest- 18 June 2024

Afghans Celebrate Eid Without Security Incidents-Tolo News
Residents of the capital and other provinces of the country celebrated the first day of Eid al-Adha by performing the Eid prayer, slaughtering animals, and....

Neighborhood News Digest - 17 June 2024

Afghan Interim Govt to Attend Third Doha Meeting-Tolo News
Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate, announced the participation of a delegation from the interim government in the third Doha mee....

Neighborhood News Digest- 12 June 2024

Nadim in Russia: Afghanistan Demands Non-Interference from Other Nations-Tolo News
Nada Mohammad Nadim, Acting Minister of Higher Education, criticized foreign interference in Afghanistan's affairs during the Secon....

Monthly Compilation of Views of VIF Expert Groups: March 2024

During the month, the VIF Neighbourhood Experts Group hosted a roundtable discussion to analyse recent developments in Nepal and their implications for India. It emerged that Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal's removal of the Nepali Congress from the....

Neighborhood News Digest- 24 May 2024

Qatar's Al-Khulaifi Requests Islamic Emirate Attend 3rd Doha Meeting-Tolo News
Mohammed bin Abdulaziz bin Saleh al-Khulaifi, Minister of State for the Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar, in a meeting with Mullah....

विवादित नक्शा छापना नेपाल का अदूरदर्शी कदम

नेपाल के राष्ट्रपति के आर्थिक सलाहकार चिरंजीवी ने मौजूदा वाम सरकार के दबाव के चलते इस्तीफ़ा 12 म....

Neighborhood News Digest- 14 May 2024

Afghanistan loses UN voting rights over unpaid dues-The Khaama Press
Afghanistan’s representation at the United Nations confirmed that Afghanistan’s voting rights in the General Assembly had been suspended due ....

Gloomy Economy Amidst Recovery in Nepal

After COVID-19, certain signs of economic recovery are being visualised in Nepal. The rate of economic growth that was merely 1.9 per cent a year ago in 2023 is almost set to rebound to

Neighborhood News Digest- 06 May 2024

Afghan Delegation Attends the 15th OIC Summit in Gambia-Tolo News
The Islamic Emirate says that a delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated in the 15th summit of the Organization of Islamic Coope....

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