Pakistan Insights 2023
Tilak Devasher, Consultant, VIF

Pakistan Insights 2023 is the fourth in the ‘Pakistan Insights’ series brought out by the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) to deepen understanding of Pakistan. Ideas for the various chapters are based on monthly discussions held in the Pakistan Study Group (PSG) that was set up in February 2018 in the VIF. The previous three editions- Pakistan Insights 2019, Pakistan Insights 2020 and Pakistan Insights 2021-22 received widespread acclaim and it is hoped that this edition, too, would be well received. Pakistan Insights 2023 takes a deep dive into some of the critical issues facing Pakistan. It begins with the latest developments in Pakistan up to the announcement of the date of the general elections and the expulsion of 1.7 million Afghan refugees; goes on to give an overview of the developments in Pakistan in 2023 including the problems faced by the Shehbaz Sharif led collation government; internal developments in 2023 and the vexed issue of civil-military relations; the serious issues of environment and floods; the resurgence of the Tehreek-e-Taliban and the dangers it poses to Pakistan; the much neglected issue of women and children; and Pakistan’s strategic posture. On the external front, the book examines five critical relationships- Pak-US, Pak-Russia, Indo- Pak, Pak-China and Pak-Afghan relations.

The discussions are rounded off by an analysis of whether India should be worried given the bleak situation in Pakistan and some thoughts on the future trajectory of Pakistan.

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