Neighborhood News Digest- 07 May 2024

OIC Calls for Inclusive Govt, Human Rights Protection in Afghanistan-Tolo News
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation in its final statement of its 15th session of the Islamic State Conference asked for the establ....

Neighborhood News Digest- 06 May 2024

Afghan Delegation Attends the 15th OIC Summit in Gambia-Tolo News
The Islamic Emirate says that a delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated in the 15th summit of the Organization of Islamic Coope....

Key Changes in India’s Approach Towards West Asia over the Last ten Years: From Link West to Act West

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi took over the reins of India in 2014, there were some concerns within the Arab and the Muslim world that India’s foreign policy will tilt towards Israel at the expense of the Palestinian cause and historic relation....

Neighborhood News Digest- 24 April 2024

OIC urges lift on Afghan women’s education, employment restrictions-The Khaama Press
The media center announced the meeting between Tariq Ali Bakheet, the special representative of the Organization of Islamic Coo....

Neighborhood News Digest- 22 April 2024

Kabul Requests Invite to OIC Meeting in Gambia-Tolo News
The Islamic Emirate has requested the participation of a representative from the interim government at the upcoming Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)....

Neighborhood News Digest- 06 March 2024

Islamic Emirate Army Chief: US Controls Afghan Airspace-Tolo News
The Chief of Army Staff of the Islamic Emirate says that Afghanistan's airspace is still under the control of the United States. Speaking in an excl....

Neighborhood News Digest – 15 December 2023

Pakistan punishes Kabul with Sirajuddin Haqqani ‘Disclosure’-The Khama Press
Pakistan has let out its worst-kept secret that the top mujahideen personnel of its anti-Russian and, later, anti-US campaigns in Afg....

The Turkish Exception to India's Forays in West Asia

The West Asia region is considered an “extended neighbourhood” in Indian foreign policy discourse. Since recalibrating its foreign policy in the 1990s, this important region has found a coveted place in India’s external outreach. Consequently, ....

Erdogan Consolidates Power in Turkey with Third Win: India needs to be Watchful

The unprecedented third term that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan won during the second round of presidential elections has attracted considerable media attention in India and Europe. Before the first round of elections held on 14 May, opinion....

VIF Neighbourhood News Digest - December 12, 2022

Clashes Occur Across Durand Line at Spin Boldak: Tolo News
Clashes between the forces of the Islamic Emirate and Pakistan military happened along the Durand Line in Spin Boldak port, a spokesman told TOLOnews. Ha....

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