VIF Cyber Review: December 2022


Minister for Electronics and IT launched ‘Stay Safe Online’ campaign & ‘G20 Digital Innovation Alliance’ as part of Bharat’s G20 Presidency.
On 28 December 2022, the Minister for Electronics and Information Tech....

Terrorism and Extremism Trends in Bharat: Review of 2022 and Prognosis for 2023

उद्धरेदात्मनात्मानं नात्मानमवसादयेत् | आत्मैव ह्यात्मनो बन्धुरात्मैव रिपुरात्मन: || [Transla....

VIF News Digest: National Security - Defence Studies & Terrorism, 16-31 December 2022


VIF News Digest: National Security - Defence Studies & Terrorism, 01-15 December 2022


AIIMS Cyber-Incident— An ‘e-epidemic’ Situation for Digital Bharat

तावद्भयेषु भेतव्यं यावद्भयमनागतम् । आगतं तु भयं वीक्ष्य प्रहर्तव्यमशङ्कया ॥
“A ....

Examining the Confluence of Tradition and Modernity in Modern Indian Temples

India as a country is renowned for its diversity, both in terms of geographical habitats and its social composition. This diversity rests on interplay of several factors, including economic, political and social structures that have been nurtured ove....

The Idea of Bharatavarsha

AS one who with his Indian passport finds it impossible to travel to Pakistan, I frequently treat myself to Pakistani travel videos available in ‘you tube’. I now know, for example, that Karim’s teashop in the old quarter of Gwadar at the we....

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