Mapping Terrorism & Extremism in Bharat

वेदाविनाशिनं नित्यं य एनमजमव्ययम्‌ । कथं स पुरुषः पार्थ कं घातयति हन्ति कम्‌ ॥ [Translation: “O Partha, how can a....

Neighborhood News Digest – 05 December 2023


The Vienna Conference: Amplifying Anti-Taliban Voices for Democracy- Hasht e Subh Daily
The Vienna Conference, organized by the Austrian Institute for International Affairs, is being held for the third time from D....

Canada-based Khalistani Elements: A Continuing Concern for Bharat

धर्मं चर। धर्मान्न प्रमदितव्यम्। - तैत्तिरीय उपनिषद् 1.11
[English Translation: Practice righteousness (Dharma). Do not swerve from....

Neighborhood News Digest – 22 September 2023


US, Islamic Emirate Hold Talks on Narcotics in Doha – Tolo News
Karen Decker, the Chargé d'Affaires of the US Mission to Afghanistan, said on X that she met with the “Taliban delegation” in Doha and held te....

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