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India’s Defence Exports: Recent Trends and the Way Forward

In a highly competitive international defence market, India has recently made its mark and has huge opportunity to become a significant player. India’s defence exports have reached to an all-time high of approximately ₹16,000crore (US $ 1.94 billion) in the FY 2022-2023, a notable ten-fold increase from the FY 2016–17, when exports were merely ₹1,521 crore (US $ 184.59 million). This is a significant step towards India’s stated goal of exporting ₹35,000 crore (US $ 5 billion) worth of aerospace and defence equipment annually by 2025 and becoming a net defence exporter.

Contemporary Leadership: Challenges and Lessons from Ancient Indian Wisdom

Contemporary leadership is dynamic & constantly evolving which seeks to explore and understand the principles and practices that are necessary for effective leadership in today's rapidly changing world. Present day leadership models and theories have emerged to meet the demands of a complex and unpredictable global environment. In recent years, military and civil landscape across the world has undergone significant transformation.

Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) in the Indo-Pacific and the Way Ahead for Indo-Pacific Partnership for MDA (IPMDA)

… MDA signifies a need for situational awareness at sea, which necessitates being cognisant of the position and intentions of all maritime actors in all dimensions … IPMDA is aimed at curbing maritime free-run in the Indo-Pacific …

Smart Theatre Command : A Pre-requisite for to a Joint Theatre Command

Abstract Creation of the post of the Chief of Defence Staff and the Department of Military Affairs was a historical moment for the Indian Armed Forces and has infused the Military into National Security Mechanism. Government of India, as of 1st Jan 2020, carved out Allocation of Business (AOB) Rules for the Secretary DMA, directly tasking the CDS to restructure the Military Organisation and create Theatre Commands.

Book Review: Information, Cyber and Space Domain and Its Application in Future Land Warfare, Maj Gen PK Mallick, VSM, KW Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi (2023), ISBN: 978-93-91490-56-0

PK Mallick, an Indian Army General, scholar warrior par excellence with his more than two decades of handling specialised domain of Information and Cyber Warfare, has mapped rapid evolution of Information, Cyber and Space aspects of land warfare. Depth of knowledge of PK Mallick makes it easier for the target audience to understand global developments in information and cyber applications in military field.

Workshop on Bluer, Greener, and Inclusive Growth on the Sundarban through an Ecosystem-based Approach

On 24 May 2023, the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) and the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS), in partnership with the World Bank, organized a workshop on “Bluer, Greener, and Inclusive Growth on the Sundarban through an Ecosystem-based Approach.” The workshop was attended by officials from the Government of Bangladesh, Government of India, Government of West Bengal, key think tanks, and civil society organizations. The objectives of the workshop were as follow:

Indian Armed Forces in 2047: At The Centenary of Independence

The 75th Year of Independence is a milestone in India’s march towards a sovereign dispensation characterised by freedom, peace, and prosperity. In that endeavour, the preservation of territorial sanctity, economic sovereignty and political relevance in a competitive intra- and inter-regional dispensation are major challenges. India’s geographic situation between two compulsively revisionist, aggressive and militarist neighbours adds to the rigours of such challenges.

Border Disputes with China: An Update

… China has been successful in its hidden agenda of utilising the Indian market for its trade expansion .. and not moving constructively in resolving the border dispute. It’s rare in the world scene where two countries have fought an intense battle .. and yet India still chooses to play into China’s hands… China’s Land Boundary Law is intended to justify conflict escalation with India .. apparent with current events …

Book Review: ‘A Life Well Spent: Four Decades in the Indian Foreign Service’; Amb. Satish Chandra, Roopa Publications, 2023, ISBN: 9357020950, pp. 284, Rs 636

The book by Ambassador Satish Chandra covers four decades he served in the Indian Foreign Service from 1965 to 2005. The book is not simply an account of his personal journey. It provides a glimpse into the making of foreign policy. It also covers India’s trajectory from the mid-60s, when it was recovering from the 1962 war to the post-Pokhran phase when it had emerged as a nuclear weapons state. Mr. Satish Chandra saw many of the defining events of this period from close quarters. He was a Second Secretary in India’s Deputy High Commission in Karachi just before the outbreak of the 1971 war.

Drone Warfare Capacity Building in Securing India’s National Interests

This paper seeks to make a case for the utility of drone warfare in securing India’s national interests. It begins by establishing how drone proliferation acts as a threat and opportunity in the context of India’s security objectives and discusses the importance of drone warfare capacity building in countering the security threats faced by India. It then highlights the benefits and areas of operation where the Indian military could use drone warfare to achieve its objectives from ISR and Dull, Dirty and Dangerous’ missions to counter-terrorism and logistics.

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