VIF News Digest: National Security - Defence Studies & Terrorism, 01-15 July 2022


Quagmire in Lebanon: Between Domestic Mismanagement and External Interference

Lebanon in the current decade has witnessed pressing economic instability, political turmoil, large scale protests, and clashes with security officials, fires and explosion exposing the gross mismanagement and the incapacity of the present political ....

ALL Roads Lead to Tehran

Overturning the Obama era JCPOA nuclear deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) in 2018, President Trump brought back the Iranian issue to centre stage of global and middle eastern politics. He firmly endorsed the Israeli and Saudi assessment that....

Now the Blasts in Beirut

On 04 August twin blasts rocked the Beirut skyline shattering the buildings and property around. The sound of the blasts was heard in Cyprus some 200 Kms away. According to the Lebanese authorities 78 people were killed and over 4000 injured and the ....

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