Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor (27 November- 03 December 2023)


Saudi Arabia Offers Iran Investment to Blunt Gaza War
Saudi Arabia has approached Iran with an offer to boost cooperation and invest in its sanctions-stricken economy if the Islamic Republic stops its regional proxies....

Current Energy Dynamics in West Asia

Amb. D. P. Srivastava, Distinguished Fellow ar VIF discusses, "Current Energy Dynamics in West Asia" by evaluating the impact of the US President Joe Biden's visit to Saudi Arabia on global oil prices; assessing the policies of OPEC+ and Saudi Arabia....

West Asia Round up- June 2020

The mutually decimating spat among the Gulf nations, Qatar Vs Quartet (comprising of Saudi Arabia, UAE , Bahrain + Egypt) celebrated its 3rd anniversary in dismay as no signs of thaw are seen despite US efforts even though....

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