Neighborhood News Digest- 17 January 2024

Wakhan Corridor officially connects Afghanistan to China: Taliban- The Khama Press
A report from Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province confirms that Afghanistan is now officially linked to China via the Badakhshan pr....

Reviving the Nepalese Economy under COVID-19

There is hardly any country in the world that is not affected by COVID-19 pandemic. However, the impacts of the pandemic are not uniform. Whereas its impact was more lethal in some countries in terms of both morbidity and mortality; in others, its im....

US Presidential Elections

The Republican and Democratic Conventions reflect the differing party philosophies and the contrasting personalities of the two candidates. President Trump emphasized national security, law and order, and low taxes. Biden called for social justice, r....

COVID-19 International Developments: Daily Scan, May 26, 2020

In Coronavirus Fight, Uncertainty Emerges as the New Enemy
Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Romer notes that the coronavirus itself, of course, remains the biggest issue. “The longer it takes to fix the uncertaint....

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