Neighborhood News Digest – 21 November 2023

Earthquake Of Magnitude 4.1 Hits Afghanistan – NDTV
An earthquake of magnitude 4.1 struck Afghanistan on Tuesday, the National Centre for Seismology (NCS) reported. The quake took place in early hours today at ....

1937 Shariat Act – For Muslims or for Jinnah and the Zamindars?

The 1937 Act, the joint strategy of the British and the League, was driven by political expediency rather than a desire to enforce Islamic Sharia. Less than a week after the opposition parties met in Patna to oppose him, Narendra Modi threw a huge....

Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan Versus Pakistan Government

About 57 members of jirga comprising of some very prominent officials like former ISI chief and current Peshawar Corps Commander Lt Gen Faiz Hameed, Federal Minister Sajid Hussain Toria, Mohammad Ali Seif, Senior State Counselor Shaukatullah Khan, fo....

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