National Day
Neighborhood News Digest – 19 December 2023

Women’s Rights Activist Julia Parsi freed from Taliban prison- The Khama Press
Julia Parsi, a women’s rights activist, senior member of the spontaneous women’s protest movement and founder of the women’s li....

Neighborhood News Digest – 15 December 2023

Pakistan punishes Kabul with Sirajuddin Haqqani ‘Disclosure’-The Khama Press
Pakistan has let out its worst-kept secret that the top mujahideen personnel of its anti-Russian and, later, anti-US campaigns in Afg....

A Case for Deepening India-Taiwan Ties

The changing geopolitical environment in the Indo-Pacific region in recent times has demanded reorientation of foreign policy priorities by many countries in the region. The single factor driving this new thrust is China’s ....

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