Central Asia's Labour Migration amid Coronavirus

1. Introduction
The term 'migrant' is often stereotyped as a person who is an undesirable burden and their economic contribution to national economies is seldom measured. The correlation between migration and remittances can be understood....

COVID-19 International Developments: Daily Scan, April 23, 2020

US DOD Starts Tiered COVID-19 Testing Process to Ensure Safety
Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten and Deputy Defence Secretary David L. Norquist described the four-tiered system and all other aspects of DOD's support to ci....

COVID-19 in West Asia: Implications for India

The COVID-19 crisis has reflected the significance of nation-state and national boundaries continue to remain the principle barrier to contain the transmission of the pandemic. The initial response in most states included the sealing off of land bord....

COVID-19 in Central Asia: Responses and Resolutions

Dealing with the coronavirus pandemic has become a serious challenge for countries across the globe. The virus has stressed public health systems worldwide and disrupted the global economy. The novel Coronavirus that emerged ....

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