India Denmark Relations: Green Strategic Partnership a Force for Global Good

India and Denmark are natural partners connected by common democratic traditions, strong institutional affinity and historical links of trade relations dating back to 400 years ago. The diplomatic relations between New Delhi and Copenhagen were estab....

VIF Cyber Review: February 2023

“Firms should invest over 10 per cent of IT assets in cyber security”: NCSC Lt Gen Pant.
During his address at the 17th India Digital Summit on 20-21 February 2023, Bharat’s National Cyber Security Coordinator (NC....

Impact of Russia-Ukraine crisis on the Baltic States

The Russia’s “special military operation” of Ukraine has created global reverberations on a scale not seen since 9/11 and re-set global politics. The transformational impact of this on geopolitics, global governance, and the global economy has ....

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