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West Asia
Hezbollah in the North

Israel currently in midst of ground operation in Gaza Strip is simultaneously engaged in limited war across the Blue Line on its northern frontier with Hezbollah. The near daily exchange of fire that began since Israel Defense Forces (IDF)’s assaul

Israel-Hamas War: Enough is Enough

“How much is enough “to rake up the conscience and comfort levels of the international community especially for USA- the sole benefactor of the Netanyahu led Israeli onslaught on the hapless and hopeless Palestinian civilians in Gaza. All norms o

Uncertain Winds: Trends in West Asia in 2024

Israel-Hamas Conflict
On 7 October, Hamas’ military wing, Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades backed by Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s (PIJ) Al-Quds Brigades executed a multi-domain ‘shock and awe campaign’, ‘Operation Al Aqsa Flood’ i

West Asia - in the Throes of a Disruptive 2023 and not so Different 2024

Even as the 2023 turned out to be literally the hottest year in history, West Asia continued to face the equally destabilizing heat in the old and new hotspots. The ongoing wars and conflicts do not portend well for 2024. Hence, more disruptions cou

The Fate of the Palestinian Authority Post-Hamas Attack

The 7 October attack by Hamas’ military wing, Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades backed by Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s (PIJ) Al-Quds Brigades has boosted the support for armed resistance path among Palestinians, frustrated with the Palestinian Auth

Great Game in Reverse: Decoding Central Asia’s Geopolitical Rebalancing

Central Asia’s geostrategic location is critical, making this region a focal point of geopolitical struggle for centuries. In 1904, British geographer Halford Mackinder presented his ‘Heartland Theory,’ in which the Eurasia region is referred t

The Israel-Palestine Crisis

It was 1916, and the World War I was not going too well for the imperial powers Britain and France. These powers then started thinking in two directions – one, by weakening the adversary - the Central Powers comprising of the G

The Emerging Trends in the Indo-West Asian Ties: Newer Opportunities and Challenges

Since the last few years, there has been a discernible growth in India’s bilateral relations with most of the countries in its extended neighbourhood – West Asia. With the exception of a few, cooperation and joint collaborations between them are

The Turkish Exception to India's Forays in West Asia

The West Asia region is considered an “extended neighbourhood” in Indian foreign policy discourse. Since recalibrating its foreign policy in the 1990s, this important region has found a coveted place in India’s external outreach. Consequently,

Is the Sky the Limit for India-UAE Ties? Modi’s Fifth Visit to the Emirates

It is undeniable that the emerging trajectory of relations between India and a few key Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states have become one of the most successful stories of the current foreign policy of the Narendra Modi-led government since mid-20

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