International Relations/Diplomacy
China and IUU Fishing in IOR: Need for India to Lead Mitigation Efforts

The Indian Ocean Region (IOR) is a vital hub of global economic significance, with a significant portion of the world's oil and container traffic passing through it. The Indian Ocean also holds rich marine resources which are

India-China Relations: Envisioning the Long Haul!

Hu Xijin the former editor of Global Times on X (formerly Twitter) quoted a senior Colonel of PLA stating ‘Zangnan has been Chinese territory since ancient times. Where does Arunachal Pradesh come from? If a border war does break out, India will

Chinese President Xi Jinping Bolsters Position at National People’s Congress

The plenary sessions of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the top political advisory body, and the National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s version of a parliament, both important events in China’s political cal

China is Raising Tensions in the Taiwan Strait

Tension across the Taiwan Strait has increased since Taiwan's pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won the Presidential elections for the third consecutive time in January 2024. The victory of the DPP's Lai Ching-te clearly signalled t

Xi Jinping Reinforces Security Apparatus Amidst Growing Popular Discontent

The slowing economy and increasing joblessness have contributed to the growing popular discontent in China. This has affected China’s entrepreneurs and there are indications that discontent has spread also to the ‘princelings’ and cadres in the

Chinese President Xi Jinping Beset by Growing Popular Discontent

Faced with increasing popular discontent, Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese leadership have since the 19th Party Congress in 2017 been focussed on trying to assert the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s pre-eminence in all sectors and ensur

China and France in the New World Order

This year, 2024, marks six decades of the diplomatic relationship between China and France. Chinese President Xi Jingping announced breaking new grounds to further strengthen their bilateral ties. He stated that this was an opportunity to uphold fund

Indication of Disarray in PLA and Imminent ‘Rectification’ Campaign

The senior echelons of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) appear to be in disarray. The unexplained long absences of Central Military Commission (CMC) Vice Chairman General Zhang Youxia and sudden removal of Defence Minister Li Shangfu, both

China’s Poaching Style of Conducting Diplomacy

Beijing seems to be determined to strangulate Taiwan as barely 48 hours after the presidential elections in which the pro-sovereignty leaning returned the Democratic Progressive Party candidate William Lai Ching-te, whose stance has irked Beijing. Th

Assessing Ten Years of Belt and Road Initiative

With China's economy growing at a significantly slower pace than it was a decade ago, Beijing's willingness and ability to continue pouring money into the BRI has been a matter of speculation. But Xi seems to have doubled down on his signature progra

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