International Relations/Diplomacy
जातीय भाषाओं को मदारिन से बदल रहा चीन

चीनी कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी (सीसीपी) को लगभग विघटित कर देने के अमेरिका और पश्चिमी देशों द्वारा किये

India’s Cyber Deterrence Against China

Cyber Threats from China: Chinese Offensive Capabilities and Modus Operandi
China raised cyber war units way back in 20031. Major objectives of these units has been cyber surveillance, manipulating network data, disseminating p

The Indo-Pacific: A Pause in the Game

The State of Play
As a Covid-wounded global community steps gingerly into 2021, a year ‘trumpeting’ a change of guard in the US, the centenary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and an ongoing military stand-off between India and Chi

CPEC: Chinese ‘Dragon’ in Pakistan’s ‘Tent'

On Monday, 22 Feb 2021, Pakistan’s Cabinet Committee on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor [CCoCPEC] instructed Ministries of Defence and Interior to ensure that Pakistan Navy and the Coast Guards immediately vacate 116 acres of real estate in Gwadar

Developments in Xinjiang

Join Prof Srikanth Kondapalli and Dr Teshu Singh as they review the developments in Xinjiang