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Jammu & Kashmir
Downtown Heroes Football Club (FC): Kashmir Valley

The Kashmir Valley has been a disturbed area for several decades. It has witnessed the waxing and waning of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism and this has had a deep impact on the lives of people. Several initiatives have been undertaken by the Union and

Bhimber Gali- Surankot Road Ambush 20 April 23: Psychology of Barrenness of Peace

A Rude Shock
On an overcast summer afternoon of 20 April 23 the Commanding Officer (CO) Rashtriya Rifles (RR) bore the brunt of initial shock when he lost five of his men in an ambush on a desolate road from Bimbar Gali to Surankot. The w

Jammu and Kashmir: Decoding the Poonch Terrorist Attack

The February 2021 ceasefire agreement between the Indian and Pakistan armies was a win-win situation for both sides as it ended senseless exchanges of fire and artillery duels that resulted in loss of life and damage to property.

The Kashmir Files: Much Ado about Honesty

The furore over Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid’s condemnation of The Kashmir Files may have died down, but it does recall to memory the case of yet another controversial film, Kissa Kursi Ka. Of course, there is hardly any comparison b

Pakistan’s Invasion of Kashmir, UN Resolutions and POK

Pakistan had claimed in its written submission to the UN Security Council that it was not involved in the invasion of the state of J&K. However, Col. Akbar Khan, who planned and led the tribal invasion as a serving officer of the Pakistan Army, has m

POK: Truth, Lies, and Deception

Third anniversary of the deletion of Article 370 brought out the usual round of protests from Pakistani and POK leaders. August 5 has been named Yom-e- Istehsal or the Day of Exploitation. The Prime Minister of POK Tanveer Ilyas led a protest rally i

A Review of Kashmir Files

There is a perception in India that when an average Indian goes to watch a movie s/he wants to escape from the realities of life and enjoy a simple story that generally has a happy ending and is full of comedy, action and thrills etc. To an extent t

Demystifying the “Armed Struggle” in Jammu and Kashmir

The younger generation may not be aware, but when gun toting “mujahideen” [holy warriors] first appeared in J&K during the late 80s, they had assured the people that ‘azadi’ [freedom] was just round the corner. So, as the New Year unfo

A New Kashmir in the Making

The abrogation of Article 370, nearly two years back, effectively marked the end of Kashmir’s special status. Indeed, this was nothing short of a revolution. It unleashed a series of sweeping changes, ushering in an era of tectonic transformation a

Political Initiatives and Peace Building in J & K: The external and Internal Dimensions

India’s political community and leadership has always been bold in experimentation, especially when it comes to J&K. Instances come to mind of past events such as the decision to conduct elections in 1996 when the externally sponsored campaign of t

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