VIF Director's Message on the Surgical Strikes
General NC Vij, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM

Bravo India!

At the outset, we will like to convey our compliments to the Modi Government for the most befitting and unambiguous message by India to Pakistan that the continuing acts of terrorism perpetrated by the Pakistan deep State through the so called jihadists will not be tolerated any more. Equally credible is the unmatched finis and professionalism shown by the Indian Armed Forces in executing a clinically efficient operation along the Line of Control.

What is most praiseworthy is that the entire response was well calibrated diplomatically, internationally and also domestically. The result is that the entire nation including all political parties, without exception, have backed the Government and stand behind them in this display of national resolve.

Even though the DGMO has explicitly stated that the ‘operations are over for the present’, India will remain on alert on all fronts to foil any further nefarious attempts by terrorists or what can be more appropriately stated as ‘State cum so called Non- State Actors’ from across the western borders. The bogey of Non – State actors operating in J & K has been unearthed. Let there be no doubt that India is prepared to meet the challenge of even a heightened response. Our Government has already got unmatched support of our neighbours wherein they have backed India’s decision to pull out of the 19th SAARC summit thereby making its cancellation inevitable. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan & Srilanka have already formally conveyed their rejection of Pakistan sponsored terrorist activities and more countries may follow suit.

India has also firmly indicated that it will reconsider the status of Indus Water Treaty, withdrawing the MFN status for Pakistan and even downsizing the High Commission etc. should the other side not desist their activities to foment terrorism in J & K. The Pakistan High Commissioner has already been given concrete evidence of Pak complicity. Our Foreign Minister, Mrs. Sushma Swaraj has unequivocally stated in the UNGA that Kashmir is an integral part of India and so it will remain. No power on the earth can separate it from India.

The prompt denial by the Pakistan Army of any surgical strikes by India is as on expected lines. It is not surprising as same was the case even during the Kargil operations. Any acceptance of the attack would have damaged the carefully cultivated image that the Pak Army has built for itself. We are also well aware that the Pak Army would be loath to giving in even though it may face the inherent danger of suffering serious reverses in an actual confrontation and the repercussions that it may bring in the international arena. This all is even as PM Nawaz Sharif has almost admitted the strikes publically.

Despite its denial, it is reasonable to assume that Pakistan may retaliate. India must therefore be prepared for terrorist strikes not just in J & K but almost anywhere in rest of the country. The possibility of attempts of more cross LOC raids is more than likely. The nation must therefore gear itself to meet this challenge both at the LOC and the hinterland, while the Defence Forces must retain their constant vigil to repel any possible Pak misadventure across the LOC.

PM Modi has already categorically stated that India doesnot want war even as we are more than fully prepared. The ball now lies squarely in Pakistan’s court.

Well done Modi Government: the entire nation stands behind you!

General N C Vij
Director VIF

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