Ongoing Crisis in Myanmar and Implications for India
Dr Cchavi Vasisht, Research Associate, VIF

Myanmar's strategic importance for India stems from its shared land and maritime borders, acting as a gateway to Southeast Asia. The ongoing conflict since the 2021 military coup has significantly impacted this relationship. ‘Operation 1027’ and the aftermath attacks since then across Myanmar borders have been a cause of concern for India. Myanmar's internal conflict and presence of armed groups pose security threats to India, particularly its Northeast states, due to the rise in cases of drug trafficking and activities of insurgent groups. The ongoing conflict has also led to an influx of refugees into India, straining resources and posing a threat to border security. China, on the other hand, has increased its presence in Myanmar to reach the Indian Ocean region, building infrastructure and controlling borders, which is a strategic concern for India. India needs a nuanced strategy that adapts to the evolving situation in Myanmar. Although the prospects for restoring normalcy in the country are not bright, the paper below focuses on how India can support peace initiatives, build long-term relationships, and secure India's strategic interests in the region.

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