कोविड-19 संकट का वैश्विक प्रभाव

कोविड-19 बेहद करीब से जुड़े इस विश्व का पहला विकट संकट है। चीन के वुहान शहर में यह स्थानीय बीमारी क

Lockdown 2.0: Focus will shift to restarting the economy

With the Prime Minister’s announcement of the extension of the lockdown until May 3, 2020, anxieties about the depth and coverage of the coronavirus pandemic in India have deepened. The Prime Minister was categorical in stating that the lockdown en

लॉकडाउन का पहला सप्ताह: आशा के बीच मिलेजुले परिणाम

चार-घंटे के नोटिस पर 3 सप्ताह के एक राष्ट्रव्यापी लॉकडाउन की घोषणा करने में साहस और दृढ़ विश्वास

Global Impact of Covid-19 Crisis

Covid-19 is the first full-blown crisis of a hyper-connected world. It arose as the local outbreak in China at Wuhan city, and within a few weeks, it had spread all across the world. More than a million Corona positive cases have been noticed and mor

Rejuvenating India’s health sector

Doctors and healthcare workers are the heroes of our battle against COVID 19. It is, therefore, painful to see that many of them contracted the infection because of lack of personal protective gears. The country faces an acute shortage of essential

Lockdown Week 2: Let us Think of Self-reliance

As India completes second week of the 21-day nationwide lockdown, the attention is now shifting to the post lockdown scenarios. Fresh thinking is required to rebuild India in the post-corona world. An indefinite lockdown is not possible. The lock

The Lockdown Week-1: Mixed results amidst hope

Announcing a nationwide, 3-week lockdown at four-hour notice requires courage and conviction. PM Modi displayed these qualities in full measure during his address to the nation on 24th March when he explained the reasons for this unprecedented step.

Opportunities in the Covid Crisis

Every crisis comes with opportunities. The Covid-19 crisis presents the country with an unprecedented opportunity to have a hard look at the present state of the economy and think of strategies to strengthen indigenous R&D and manufacturing capabilit

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