India’s Economic Miracle & Nepal
Prof Hari Bansh Jha

The book “India’s Economic Miracle and Nepal” reiterates the time-tested view that no two countries of the world are as close to each other, particularly at the people-to-people level, as Nepal and India. The relationship between both countries in the socio-cultural, economic, political and spiritual spheres is well known.

In this book the author convincingly builds the argument that Nepal has tremendous scope to modernise and develop its economy, drawing from the miraculous economic growth that India has achieved over the years. As a fast emerging major economic power centre in the world, India has many things in common with Nepal, which in turn provides a larger platform for cooperation and collaboration between the two on several development-related fronts. This is also due to the open border that both nations share and have maintained since time immemorial.

The book throws light on how India’s support to Nepal in a number of areas, including infrastructure development, health, education, airport, hydropower, river water management, trade, investment, cross-border oil pipelines, cross-border railway lines, cross-border electric transmission lines and in other sectors, has helped this nation to modernise itself.

Research conducted by the author on the different dimensions of the bilateral cooperation and also his articles published on these themes in leading papers, journals, websites in Nepal and abroad have been presented in this book with updates. The book is sure to be valuable for all those interested in Nepal-India affairs.

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