China’s Involvement in India’s Internal Security Threats: An Analytical Appraisal
Dr N Manoharan

Twenty-first-century India faces multifarious security challenges. At the core of India’s security concerns is its ‘internal security’ – a major national security challenge. Among many imponderable factors of India’s security calculus, internal security is regarded as one of the principal underlying aspects.

Unfortunately, today, there is a blurring distinction between internal and external threats. Some go to the extent of arguing that “India does not face an external threat in the conventional sense” but only internal security threats from external sources. These external sources, consisting of both state and non-state actors, combined with those anti-state forces within India, have made the situation more complex. Very few countries in the world are placed in an unfavourable, troubled and uncertain security environment as India is. External sources of threats to India’s internal security, therefore, spring from almost all countries of its neighbourhood. China is not an exception. In the external abetment, how far China has been involved? What were the motives behind? Was it to create ‘million mutinies’ in India or just to deter India from behaving in a manner that is in opposition to Chinese national interests? What has been the modus operandi? This monograph analyses the extent and intent of China’s involvement in India’s internal security threats.

Full Paper in pdf format is available here

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