Book Launch of “India Bangladesh Bonhomie at 50: 1971 and the Present” 31 March 2022, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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The edited “India Bangladesh Bonhomie at 50: 1971 and the Present” by Sreeradha Datta was launched in the presence of Mr. Shariar Alam Minister of State, Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh, Amb. Kazi Imtiaz Hossain, Chairman Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS), Bangladesh, Major Shamsul Arefin, Chairman, Bangladesh Foundation for Strategic Studies, Bangladesh, Dr Arvind Gupta, Director , Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF), Lt Gen Ravi K Sawhney, Centre Head and Senior Fellow, Vivekananda International Foundation at BIISS, Dhaka.

The book launch was preceded by a seminar “Confluence of Ideologies and Evolving Interests,” with Dr Mafuz Kanir, Senior Fellow BIISS and Dr Sreeradha Datta, Centre Head Neighbourhood Studies, VIF as speakers chaired by Amb Hossain. Dr Kabir highlighted the significant value chain linkages between India and Bangladesh, particularly in the textile and apparel sector. India specializes in the upstream segment, supplying such intermediate inputs as silk, cotton, yarn, and fabrics to Bangladesh. Bangladesh specializes in the downstream final apparel segment, exporting worldwide as well as to India. Tariffs and non tariff barriers in both countries inhibit the growth of value chain linkages. In addition, subsidies and other industrial policies in India distort incentives away from the natural pattern of specialization. The results of a new survey of textile and clothing firms in both countries corroborate these findings. Reforms in trade policy (including rules of origin), trade facilitation, trade-related standards, and institutions could help both countries better take advantage of value chain linkages.

Dr Datta elaborated the big picture about the bilateral relations, highlighting how the two neighbours can find many points of convergence keeping national interest in mind. While bilateral differences exist, India and Bangladesh should be now be confident that each intends well for the other and both can make it a win-win situation by working together. The world has moved ahead and neighbours need to view their bilateral ties through a positive prism and seeking solutions rather than finding faults with each other. It is in the interest of both the nations to find convergence and emerge as a showcase of bilateral relationships in the region and outside.

At the book launch the Mr Shariar Alam mentioned that the two countries are still unable to realise their full potentials and Bangladesh is now India’s largest development partner and they are enjoying the most extensive government to government ties.

He said while Bangladesh and India are celebrating 50th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic ties, the relationship has showcased the breadth and depth of this very unique relationship which has not only been forged in blood but has also been tested at times in the last 50 years. On the 50th anniversary of Dhaka New Delhi ties it is the need of the hour to introspect the strengths and review the mistakes.

While many joint celebrations have been undertaken in the past year it was also agreed by all that the youths from both sides need to be more connected. This edited book was aimed at the post the Bangladesh Liberation War generations to acquaint them with the historical legacy of the region and the two neighbours who fought together to liberate Bangladesh. It is a unique event and underlies the core bonding between the two neighbours. It was also decided that a Bengali version of the newly launched book would enable a greater outreach.

Event Date 
March 31, 2022

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