Ladakh Youth Delegation at VIF
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A youth delegation from Ladakh visited VIF on October 9, 2014. Addressing the delegates, Lt Gen (Retd) R K Sawhney, Distinguished Fellow, VIF, urged them to preserve their rich heritage and culture. Citing his experience in Lhasa, Tibet, Lt Gen Sawhney said while tourism was important for revenue generation, “it should be developed sensibly”. He also exhorted the youth to become environment friendly entrepreneurs and lauded Buddhism for promoting peace, tolerance and understanding.

Responding to queries about Chinese incursions in Ladakh, he assured the youth that the region was safe in the hands of the Indian Army and that the people of India would never let them down. Lt Gen Sawhney also praised the bravery of the Ladakh Scouts and described them as among the finest soldiers.

Recalling his visit to Ladakh, K G Suresh, Senior Fellow & Editor, told the delegates that river Sindhu, which was the cradle of ancient Indian civilization, flowed through the region and thus has become a pilgrimage centre also for millions of Indians. He also praised the people of Ladakh for their fluency over the national language Hindi and urged them to serve as bulwarks against any Pakistani or Chinese misadventure in the region.

Event Date 
October 9, 2014
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