Indian Armed Forces in 2047: At The Centenary of Independence

The 75th Year of Independence is a milestone in India’s march towards a sovereign dispensation characterised by freedom, peace, and prosperity. In that endeavour, the preservation of territorial sanctity, economic sovereignty and political...

AFGHANISTAN: Through the Fog of Instability

Afghanistan is a country that has seen more devastation than prosperity, especially in the last 20 years. The resurgence of the Taliban and its cat-and-mouse game with the West has brought the once lively nation on the brink of starvation and...

India-Bangladesh Bonhomie at 50: 1971 and the Present

For Bangladesh and India, the past year has been about celebrating 50 years of Bangladesh and commemorating the iconic event, the Liberation War of Bangladesh, one that irreversibly changed the political landscape of South Asia.

Opportunities for India in a Changing World

We are living in an era of extraordinarily fast paced change. The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down and deepened political, economic and social uncertainties. The post-World War order set up in 1945 by the Western countries is...

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