Ukraine War
Sweden Joins NATO – Does it Contribute to Peace or Intensify Conflict?

On 7 March 2024, Sweden officially became NATO’s newest member, upon depositing its instrument of accession to the North Atlantic Treaty with the Government of the United States in Washington DC, thereby ending its 200-year-old policy of neutrality....

Making Sense of a so-Called Frozen War

This brief piece picks up the thread from the latest the Russo-Ukraine war and attempts to reflect on what may lie ahead.

Visiting the Russo-Ukraine Battlefield
Following points briefly reflect the current scene:-
A Full Circle by Second Anniversary of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

The Russo-Ukraine war crossed its two-year mark on 22 Feb 2024. This work is based on the premise that in the two years gone by, the war has come a ‘full circle’. How? On 22 Feb 2022, Russia looked ‘strong and confid....

Prospects and Problems: Providing Aid to Ukraine

Setting the Strategic Perspective
A Global War
The Russo Ukraine war which is treading its blood-soaked trail (676 days and counting) has truly been a ‘global war’. Simply put, it is West plus the US versus Kremlin on the....

What Goes Around Comes Around - Changing Contours of Air and Air Defence War in Ukraine

The old cliché, ‘what goes around comes around’ best describes the changing contours of the air and air defence war as it unfolds in Ukraine and is now spilling into Russia. This work examines how this part of the conflic....

Erdogan Consolidates Power in Turkey with Third Win: India needs to be Watchful

The unprecedented third term that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan won during the second round of presidential elections has attracted considerable media attention in India and Europe. Before the first round of elections held on 14 May, opinion....

Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor (01-07 May)

Investment in developing nations may hit 20-year low: World Bank official
Plunging investment in developing countries could lead to lower growth in the long term and exacerbate problems, said Hiroshi Matano, executive ....

Changing Shades of Russian Weapon Deployment in Ukraine War

Picking up the Thread- the Premise
The recent reports in the open source have stated that in the massive missile strikes on Ukraine between 06-10 Mar 2022, Russia has used ‘new age weapons’, namely the Kinzhal hypersonic cruise missiles....

Neighborhood News Digest – 21 March 2023

US military gear left in Afghanistan resurfaces with Pakistani Taliban – Mission Network News
It was bad enough when the US hastily withdrew from Afghanistan, leaving $7 billion-worth of military equipment to the Ta....

Neighborhood News Digest – 27 February 2023

Afghan Assets Made $70 Million in Interest: Mehrabi – Tolo News
Shah Mohammad Mehrabi, Central Bank supreme council member and board member of the Afghan Trust Fund in Switzerland, said that the $3.5 billion fund--i....

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