India and the BRICS: A Post-XVth Summit Assessment
Dr Arpita Anant, Research Fellow, VIF

Among the many landmarks in the evolution of the BRICS, the XVth Summit held in August 2023 will find a mention because unlike other landmarks in specific areas of cooperation since the first Summit in 2009, this Summit added six new members to the grouping. There were several misgivings in India about the proposed expansion mainly because this was seen as a proposal of China to bring in China-friendly countries into the organisation. The BRICS however is much more than China. And having been a founding member of the BRICS and being associated with it for so long, a discussion about the sagacity of India remaining with the grouping is incomplete without a holistic assessment. Based on such a holistic assessment, this study argues that India’s association with the BRICS forum needs to evolve substantially while at the same time reinvigorating this multilateral forum.

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