Vedic Prayers for Global Peace and Universa Well-being
Professor Dr. (Ms.) Shashiprabha Kumar, Distinguished Fellow, VIF

The present book intends to highlight universal Vedic vision and provide an overview of ennobling ideas enshrined in the four Vedas. It contains select Vedic mantras in Sanskrit , with Hindi and English translation, which solicit peace and welfare for all beings in the world. Vedic prayers compiled in this book have been divided under following eight headings: One Earth-One Family, Peace, Well-being, Nature/Environment, Friendship/Amity, Education, Feminine Power and Culture. Besides, a basic introduction to Vedic literature is appended in the beginning so that the readers may grasp a glimpse of the vastness and variety of Vedic texts and also understand the enormous influence of Vedas on the subsequent development of Indian thought. It is hoped that the simple but significant message of Vedas like seeing inherent interconnectedness among all beings inhabiting the planet earth and seeking cosmic harmony can provide fresh insights for the future of humanity.

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