Revisiting Myanmar: Present Through Past
Brig Vinod Anand, Senior Fellow, VIF

The February 2021 military takeover in Myanmar has had adverse impact on the country`s political, economic and social landscape, which was undergoing a democratic transition. It was a step back in the democratic journey the country had embarked upon since adopting the 2008 military-drafted Constitution. The military extended the emergency rule on 01 February 2023, and the elections to be conducted per the 2008 Constitution mandate were further deferred. Unlike the earlier two military coups, the opposition forces (National Unity Government, People`s Defence Forces and Ethnic Armed Organisations) reacted sharply to the military takeover. To understand the military takeover in Myanmar, it is important to revisit the country`s political, economic and socio-cultural realities. And this volume attempts to delve into the history behind the rise of the military, the opposition forces, the EAOs and the economic, social and political conditions of the country. Finally, Myanmar`s relations with the major international players, China, Russia, India, Japan and ASEAN, are also explored.

Available at Pentagon Press

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