International Relations/Diplomacy
EU Foreign Policy and EU-India ties

As the EU copes with several internal and external challenges amid COVID-19, join Amb. Anil Wadhwa and Dr. Himani Pant for a discussion on the broad contours of the EU's domestic and foreign policy and the trajectory of EU-India ties.

The Pitfalls of the China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment

On December 30, leaders from Brussels and Beijing reached terms on a new China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI). After seven years of negotiations, the deal will reportedly grant the EU enhanced market access in China, in sectors such a

EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment

The EU and China announced a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment on 30th December. The announcement comes less than a month before the inauguration of the Biden Presidency. The development shows a rift opening up between EU and US positions even be

France & Austria Terror Attacks 2020: The Looming Shadow of Islamic Terrorism over Europe

“We [EU Member States] reiterate that terrorism, radicalisation, recruitment and financing related to terrorism are main common threats to the internal security of the EU”.

The 2015 Riga Joint Statemen

चीनी विदेश मंत्री की यूरोप यात्रा: जनसम्पर्क की असफल कवायद

चीन के विदेश मंत्री वांग यी ने 25 अगस्त से 1 सितम्बर तक यूरोप का दौरा किया। उनकी यह यात्रा कुछ चुन�

White Mutiny or a Grey Revolution in Belarus -Only time will Tell

Who wants to give up power anyway? History of the long serving leaders abdicating before the time is ripe has rare entries even if the writing on the wall was rather clear. In last decade it has happened to several North African leaders as a consequ

EU’s Operation Irini Promotes a Poor Image of the EU

The European Union launched operation IRINI in the Mediterranean on 1st of April, 2020. The operation is officially called EUNAVFOR MED Irini where EUNAVFOR stands for European Union Naval Force and MED stands for the Mediterranean Sea. Irini succeed

The India - EU Summit: Implementation Remains the Key

The Strategic Partnership between India and EU was forged in 2004. The precursor to this partnership was a Joint Political Statement (1993) and a cooperation Agreement (1994)both of which laid the basis of this partnership. India and EU also agreed o

The EU -USA- China Contradiction: the Friends Turned Foes and Vice Versa

The European Union (EU) is today facing a major contradiction. Its traditional ally, the USA has in several ways turned its back on Europe and is entering into trade and defence related quarrels. China which is the EU’s ‘systemic rival’ is on t

Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the European Union

The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has evolved as a global pandemic1 ever since its outbreak in China in December 2019.2 This highly contagious disease has infected around 800,000 people worldwide in a short span of three month

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