Science and Technology News Digest 13 Aug – 25 Aug 2020
Radhika Daga
Hyderabad startup Skyroot Aerospace first private company to test rocket engine in India
13 Aug 2020

Skyroot Aerospace, Hyderabad based startup, successfully test-fired an upper stage rocket engine named ''Raman”. It is the first privately-owned Indian firm to demonstrate the capability to build a homegrown rocket engine. Click here to read....

Quantum mechanics is immune to the butterfly effect
15 Aug 2020

Researchers have demonstrated that there is no “butterfly effect” in quantum-mechanical systems, that is, contrary to the general beliefs quantum systems such as quantum computing can be rather robust as time unfolds. The report was published in Physical Review Letters. Click here to read....

IISc, ISRO develops sustainable process for making brick-like structures on Moon
15 Aug 2020

A team of researchers from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has developed a sustainable process for making brick-like structures on the moon. This is an important discovery for habitation on the moon. Click here to read....

NASA Researchers Track Slowly Splitting 'Dent' in Earth’s Magnetic Field
17 Aug 2020

NASA has announced that its researchers are actively tracking the South Atlantic Anomaly, a large but slowly widening weak spot in the Earth’s magnetic field over the Atlantic Ocean. The region extends from South America to Southwest Africa, over the Atlantic Ocean. Click here to read....

Blue Origin-Led National Team Delivers Lunar Lander Engineering Mockup to NASA
20 Aug 2020

The Blue Origin-led Human Landing System (HLS) National Team delivered a full-scale prototype of a Lander to carry astronauts to the surface of the Moon. Click here to read....

Chandrayaan-2 completes a year around Moon, adequate fuel for 7 more years: ISRO
21 Aug 2020

Chandrayaan-2 completed one year in orbit around the moon. The onboard fuel can keep the orbiter operational for seven more years. The raw data from instruments like the high resolution camera is being downloaded and recorded. Click here to read....

Earth Lost a 'Staggering' 28 Trillion Tonnes of Ice in Just 23 Years
24 Aug 2020

A paper published in the journal Cryosphere Discussions has revealed that a "staggering" 28 trillion tonnes of ice has disappeared from the surface of the Earth since 1994. Click here to read....

Astronauts Try To Save Their Lives In Space, As NASA Hunts For Air Leak On ISS
24 Aug 2020

Reports have revealed that the International Space Station has been leaking air in larger quantities than it is usually supposed to.The leak was first detected sometime in September 2019 and the rate of leakage has increased gradually, way above normal levels. Click here to read....

Indian satellite AstroSat detects UV light from galaxy 9.3 billion light-years away from Earth
25 Aug 2020

Indian satellite called AstroSat was used to discover one of the earliest galaxies in the universe by a global team of scientists led by the scientists from the Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA). Click here to read....

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