Amb Kanwal Sibal


Tibet now is under our yoke,
We have made Dalai Lama broke,
With monasteries in control
And tight surveillance, it’s our goal,
The reincarnation process
Will be done under our duress.

As redressal of the past wrongs
South Tibet and Ladakh belongs
Rightfully to China, and so
We make sure this the Indians know.
On Sikkim pressure we will lay
To make Indians for Doklam pay.

We’ll make dams on Yarlung Tsangpo,
Make its waters northwards flow,
Our big projects will only end
With Zangmu plans at its Great Bend.
It is for Tibetan’s own health
That we fully exploit their wealth.

The PLA sees it as its role
To watch over the Party’s soul!

To establish peace in Sinkiang
As steps to Islamists defang,
Religion had to be controlled,
Give up long beards Muslims are told,
During Ramzan they have to eat,
For prayers in mosques they cannot meet.

Koranic texts cannot be shared,
Faces in veil have to be bared,
The Uighurs must pledge loyalty
O’er Allah to the CPC,
In camps for re-education
They learn to honour their nation.

Given Sinkiang’s geography
We have changed its demography,
The Hans now the north populate,
As energy hub we there create.
The south with the CPEC
Must from extremism be free.

PLA goes to any length
To give the CPC its strength!

With Pakistan our relations
Are unique among all nations.
Higher than the K 2 they be,
Deeper than oceans both agree.
Honey is not as sweet as they,
Dearer than eyesight Pakis say.

Gwadar will be a naval base
To counter India just in case,
We’ll have in the Arabian Sea
A strong foothold for our navy.
The Gulf sea lanes we’ll keep secure
Supply of oil we will ensure.

We’ll join Gwadar with Djibouti
And control traffic to the Red Sea.
On Africa’s Eastern sea board
Our interests cannot be ignored,
Sea lanes of communication
Must be safe for every nation.

With mighty PLAN we can be sure
Our vital SLOCS will be secure!

With our OBOR initiative
We will to our ambitions give
A scope and scale ne’er seen before,
Infrastructure projects galore
Will be financed with a safe bet
That countries will be trapped in debt.

They’ll have to part with equity,
To not face the iniquity
Of default, which will help us seize
Their ports on ninety-nine year lease,
With Hong Kong’s precedent in mind
As model of colonial kind.

With Europeans when we meet
We have sixteen at our feet,
We have with some impunity
Created there disunity,
We’ve pocketed Italy and Greece,
And others will not China displease.

From Shanghai train runs to Madrid
This miracle our Party did!

We will the nine dash line reclaim,
Within it all features rename,
O’er islands, rocks and reefs within,
All tussles we are sure to win,
In militarising them all
All shots will be with us to call.

On Paracels we will not blink,
Vietnamese vessels we will sink,
With Indonesians uppity
We’ll encroach into Natuna Sea,
In Diaoyu we’ll give the Japs,
From time to time intrusive slaps.

Taiwan is our core interest,
Let Tsai its leader try her best
To chase her independence goal,
But China will become one whole,
In Taiwan Straits US will not
Get access as in past it got.

Taiwan will never stray away
From watchful eyes of PLA!

The US now is in decline,
A loss of power makes it whine
About the threat of China’s rise,
Which now in every way it tries
To curb, but it will not succeed,
To pressure CPC won’t cede.

US is targeting Huwaei,
But we won’t let it have its way,
The US tech-giants should know
Like Qualcomm, Apple and Cisco
That once we don’t our market give
They’ll become uncompetitive.

All accusations that are made
Of technology theft, unfair trade,
Of cyber espionage, are false.
For West, if China grew so tall
With disciplined autocracy
Slaps liberal democracy.

CPC will not let nation
Accept past humiliation!

In twenty-twenty five we’ll be
World leader in technology,
And then in twenty forty nine
We will have the mandate divine
To rule the globe Confucian style
At top of the hierarchic pile.

To us great wisdom has been brought
By the Book of Xi Jinping’s Thought,
Led by his vision we will build
Shared future of mankind that’s filled
With harmony, which we’ll imbue
With characteristic China hue.

Coronavirus we controlled
With steps that were timely and bold.
With western world in disarray
Now is our chance to win the day,
Xi Jinping our leader strong
Can never do anything wrong.

The CPC will take deep bow
To Xi Jinping equal to Mao!

Image Source: https://newsin.asia/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Chinese-communist-party-politburo-meeting-under-Xi-Jinping.jp

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