National Security Vol. II Issue II | April - June 2019
About the Issue:

Sweeping advances in technology is revolutionising industry, work, and the human condition. The impact is visible in virtually all sectors – economy, society, education, politics and national security. The remarkable changes in the digital space have widest impact on society, culture and economy. Concurrently, rapid acceleration and diffusion of dual use technologies for military applications in an increasingly globalised international system have vast implications for warfare and the global balance of power. What do the changes mean for India? The current issue of National Security therefore focuses on the technology revolution and its wide impact on the nation. From agriculture to industry, education, industry and the military, India faces new and large challenges of reimagining its future course and its national strategy. It needs to seize the opportunities by building necessary technical and scientific capacities, and prepare for the disruptions. The special issue examines some of the key themes that need attention.

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Contents : Vol. II Issue II | April - June 2019


Domestic Knowledge Product: Enhancing Wealth, Welfare and National Security | Umberto Sulpasso

Disruptive Technologies and India’s Military Modernisation | J.P Singh

Rising Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security | Durga Prakash Devarakonda


Strengthening Food Security through Technologies | Suhas P Wani, Mukund D Patil & Dhirendra Singh

Decision Intelligence for the Indian Agriculture Sector | Roger Moser

Higher Education Ecosystem’s Preparedness for IR 4.0: An Indian Perspective | K. K. Aggarwal & Avinash C. Sharma

Analyzing Predictions about The Future of Manufacturing and Technology and Their Extension to India... | Alimah Rehan

India's Need for Strategic Minerals | Ajey Lele

Blockchain as the funding foundation for Indian MSME Sector | Pallav Kumar Singh

Book Reviews

Technological Revolution and the Emerging Military Environment | Anand V.

Humanity in the Age of Data | Prerna Gandhi

Future of War | Anurag Sharma

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