A Review of Atmanirbharta Policies

The year 2020 can be described as an extraordinary year. COVID-19 wreaked havoc in all policy arenas, severely affecting public, economic, international relations. The Government of India meanwhile, has taken significant steps to promote the ‘Atman

COVID-19 has not Affected the EV Push in India

The lockdown period to curtail the spread of COVID-19 in India saw pollution levels dropping to the lowest levels since 2018. No economic activity from March 15-April 30 led to a reduction of 15 per cent in Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels compared to 2

Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Rivalry has begun

The last two years have seen the U.S-China rivalry ramping up, threatening to engulf the world in a new Cold War. The new Cold War would not be the same as before, based on ideology, but, who has better technology and is equipped to deal with global

Cooperation on New Technologies, will India choose BRICS or D10?

As the Indian External Affairs Ministry prepares for the BRICS Foreign Minister’s Meeting, Beijing has proposed to set up an Innovation Base to strengthen the grouping’s cooperation on 5G, digital economy, Artificial Intelligence, information tec

Two Expansions: Which G7 should India Choose?

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union in June 2016 and Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States of America a few months later with the slogan “America First” has led to the offspring’s of globalisation, the

COVID-19 Opens up Pressures and Opportunities for Quad

Before the Indian Government initiated a nationwide lockdown from March 25, 2020, the Foreign Secretary of India participated in a telephonic discussion with representatives of some countries of the Indo-Pacific. Issues related to countering the COVI

COVID-19 Paves the Way for a Cashless Economy in China

Governments worldwide are at the time engaged in containing COVID-19 and have either initiated unprecedented lockdowns or following strict social distancing protocols for public safety and prevent community transmission. The World Health Organisation

COVID-19 ails the Beijing Model

The United Nations Security Council, the Premier forum to discuss threats to global peace and security, is yet to discuss COVID-19. An attempt to address the Virus was blocked by China last month while it served as the Chair of the Security Council.

Act Far East Policy: Strengthening relations between India and Russia

Introduction The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, in his recent visit to India, attending the ‘Raisina Dialogue,’ opposed the Indo-Pacific concept, in New Delhi in January this year. In December 2019, the Russian Navy participated in

2019 ने रखी 2020 के लिए भारत में मजबूत ई-वाहन नीति की बुनियाद

भारत में राज्य सरकारों और केंद्रशसित प्रदेशों द्वारा इलेक्ट्रिक वाहनों (ई-वाहन) के लिए नीतियां

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