Analysing China - Russia Naval Exercises

China has the fastest growing navy amongst the major powers of the world with a current strength of about 340 ships including 125 major combatants and submarines[1]. This growth has come about in the last couple of decades at a rapid pace as China ai

Trincomalee: India’s Call

Trincomalee, or ‘Trinco’ in mariners’ jargon, is a unique port which fulfils every ship captain’s dream. It has great depths of water, vast sea room to manoeuvre the largest of ships and provides safety from the elements even in the worst of

International Conference on Security in the Indian Ocean Region, Vivekananda International Foundation, 07 Feb 2017

The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean of the world whose essential importance to global economic engagement, because of the hydrocarbon reservoir in the Gulf and dense sea lanes, has made it the locus of global geopolitics. It is possibly the m

Gwadar and The Chinese Navy

The Gwadar Port The port of Gwadar has been a prominent part of Pakistani aspirations and also figures in many arguments about Chinese ambitions in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). Gwadar has also been projected as the gateway of the China Pakistan Ec

सशस्त्र सेनाओं को राजनीति से दूर रखें!

भारत की सशस्त्र सेनाओं ने हमारे पश्चिमी पड़ोसी के खिलाफ चार युद्ध लड़े और जीते हैं, एक ऐसे पड़ोसी क�

Keep The Armed Forces Out of Politics!

The Indian Armed Forces have fought and won four wars against our Western neighbor, a state where the country does not have an army but the Army has a country. Despite these obvious victories, the Indian Armed Forces have never fallen prey to the wor

China’s Aircraft Carrier Program

China’s Naval Ambitions China’s aircraft carrier program has made significant progress with the country ready to launch its first indigenous aircraft carrier in the near future. China acquired its first aircraft carrier, the decommissioned Sov

CAG Reports on Military Equipment: Prudence is the Need of the Hour

Recent reports in the media, concerning a CAG report on the Indian Navy’s MiG 29K aircraft, have raised alarm about the performance of these aircraft. However, the issue needs to be deliberated with the necessary seriousness, devoid of media specul

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