Current Security Scenario in Afghanistan

6 November 2020 Are you intrigued by the intricacies of the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan? Join Dr. Yatharth Kachiar and Lt Gen Ravi Sawhney as they delve into the intrigue and complexities of the peace process in Afghanistan Vivekananda Inte

सातवां शियांगशान फोरम

अनौपचारिक बातचीत का दौर सातवां ‘शियांगशान’ (शाब्दिक अर्थ है ‘खुशबू भरी पहाड़ियां’) सम्मेलन पे

The Seventh Xiangshan Forum

The Trend of Confabulations The Seventh ‘Xiangshan’ (literal meaning ‘Fragrant Hills’) Conference was held from 10 to 12 October 2016 at the Haidian District of Xiangshan near Beijing. The Xiangshan Forum is co-sponsored by China Academy

अफगानिस्तान: भारत के विकल्प

अफगानिस्तान के राष्ट्रपति अशरफ गनी का भारत दौरा महत्वपूर्ण समय में हुआ और यह दौरा निकट भविष्य

Afghanistan: India’s Options

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s visit to New Delhi came at a crucial time and could well have set in motion the trajectory of how Indo-Afghan relations will pan out in the foreseeable future. That the Indo-Afghan relations have acquired a new salie

Ghani's Gambit is Failing, Afghanistan is Unravelling

The spring of 2015 was always going to be ‘hot’ in Afghanistan. The Taliban had already made clear their intention to bring the Ashraf Ghani government to its knees. It was also going to test the mettle of the Afghan National Army (ANA) which for

Walking Away or Ignoring Afghanistan is not an Option for India

The policy shift being attempted by Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani in which he sought to relegate India to the fourth circle of priority and appease Pakistan has had mixed reception in the Indian strategic community. It ranges from disappointment

Afghanistan: Can it be A Template for India, China Cooperation?

One of the most troubling, but also fundamental, questions confronting India is while New Delhi is keen on cultivating with China a mutually beneficial and cooperative relationship that, despite an element of competition, is not only conflict-free bu

Afghanistan’s Turbulent Past Could Once Again Become Its Future

More than a decade after the US and its allies ousted the monstrous Taliban regime and gave the people of Afghanistan a level of stability and progress that they had not known in decades, it seems that things could well be coming a full circle. Ironi

Afghanistan: Political Compromise, Security Challenge and Economic Constraint

After a keenly contested Presidential election, the result of which came under a serious cloud when Dr Ashraf Ghani Ahmedzai surprised the odds-on favourite Dr Abdullah Abdullah by crossing the half-way mark, it looked as though the all-important pol

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