VIF Information Alerts - 14 January 2020

U.S. Drops China’s Currency Manipulator Label Ahead of Trade Deal
Published: The Wall Street Journal

14 Jan 2020

The U.S. Treasury Department dropped its designation of China...

VIF Information Alerts - 16 January 2020

France, US block China move on J&K at UNSC
Published: The Indian Express

16 Jan 2020

VIF Information Alerts - 10 January 2020

India’s Kashmir outreach with foreign envoys
Published: India Today

10 Jan 2020

The first official delegation of envoys of the foreign mission is on a two-day trip to Jammu...

VIF Information Alerts - 06 January 2020

Pakistan rules out use of its soil in Middle East conflict
Published: The Dawn

06 Jan 2020

Pakistan on Sunday reaffirmed its resolve not to become a part of any conflict in...

VIF Information Alerts - 08 January 2020

Iran Fires on U.S. Forces at 2 Bases in Iraq, Saying ‘Fierce Revenge’ Has Begun
Published: The New York Times

07 Jan 2020

Iran attacked two bases in Iraq that house American...

VIF Information Alerts - 06 December 2019

China's defence budget increases 850 per cent over 20 years: Top Pentagon official
Published: The New Indian Express

06 Dec 2019

China's defence budget has grown 850 per cent...

VIF Information Alerts - 29 November 2019

First international liaison officer posted to IFC-IOR
Published: The New Indian Express

29 Nov 2019

VIF Information Alerts - 02 December 2019

7 Pak Generals teamed up with SC chief justice to block Qamar Javed Bajwa's extension
Published: The Economic Times

02 Dec 2019

Seven Generals of the Pakistan Army joined...

VIF Information Alerts - 25 November 2019

UK panel explores ‘re-imaging’ of Pak
Published: The Tribune

25 Nov 2019

A panel of academics and South Asia experts from around the world explored the prospect of “...

VIF Information Alerts - 21 November 2019

Hong Kong human rights bill clears US Congress, is sent to Donald Trump to sign into law
Published: South China Morning Post

21 Nov 2019

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