Events Reports
VIF-Pathfinder Foundation: Discussion on India-Sri Lanka Bilateral Cooperation for Promoting Blue Economy

16-17 May 2017, the VIF and Pathfinder Foundation, Sri Lanka, jointly held a three-session Round Table Discussion on India-Sri Lanka bilateral cooperation. The focus was on promoting ‘blue economy’, relatively a new concept that focuses on sustai

India-Taiwan Strategic Dialogue

Leading a seven-member delegation of Taiwan’s Prospect Foundation, Dr. I-Chung Lai visited the VIF on 08 May 2017 for a joint strategic dialogue on India-Taiwan relations. The delegation comprised of Dr. Mumin Chen, Dr. Ming-Shih Shen, Richard Chiu

Discussion on “Afghanistan: Emerging Strategic Re-Alignment”

The VIF hosted an internal discussion on ‘Afghanistan: Emerging Realignment’ on 04 May 2017. The purpose was to consider Afghanistan’s dwindling security environment and imperatives for India to hedge its bets against a resurgent Taliban waiti

Interaction with a visiting Delegation from Fudan University, China

A four-member delegation of Fudan University (China), led by Prof. Zhang Yi, Executive Vice Director, Fudan Development Institute (China), and comprising Prof. Sun Lijian, Prof. Shen Dingli, and Prof. Lin Minwang as members of the delegation, visited

Interaction with H.E. Dr. Sau Mohammad Al-Sati, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to India

The VIF was privileged to host H.E. Dr. Sau Mohammad Al-sati, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in India, for bilateral talks on 03 May 2017. The interaction began with General NC Vij, Director, VIF, highlighting the growing trajectory of India-Saudi Arabia

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