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Dear Members of the VIF Fraternity,

It has been decided to create a ‘VIF Fraternity Group’ based on the Google Service, the purpose being to facilitate closer intellectual interaction within the VIF community.

To that end, all those scholars and experts who are associated with the VIF and its think tank activities on regular or occasional basis are invited to join this Group. To do so, the members may please mail their request to the Administrator (Mail ID: [email protected]), who would authenticate and confirm by return mail, their admission into the Group.

Guidelines and conventions to be followed within the Group are listed as follows:-
  1. VIF is guided by Vivekananda's message of 'Harmony in Diversity', and that must be the spirit behind the intellectual interaction among the members of VIF Fraternity Group. The Group would be dedicated to exchange of ideas, comments, notes, discussions, papers etc. among its members accordingly.
  2. Obviously, the topics for the exchanges would be related to national security, nation building, socio-cultural uplift, challenges facing the nation, deeper nuances of policy making and implementation, and such issues with which the VIF is concerned in the spirit of profound nationalism.
  3. As a fraternity of a well respected independent think tank, the members of the Group are enjoined to preserve and promote the free, responsible and mutually accommodative academic environment that the VIF has cultivated. The exchanges would be open for all members to view, consider and respond, if so desired, while being accommodative to others’ view points. The forum could also be used to circulate interesting and thought provoking publications, reports etc.
  4. Opinions and articulations expressed in Group dialogues would be those of the members, and may not be attributed per se to the VIF. Members would rely on open sources, and be responsible to authenticate the facts, figures and genuineness of events mentioned. Major deviations found later, if any, would be politely acknowledged and withdrawn.
  5. Expressions must pass the scrutiny of parliamentary standards and opinions, which might be construed as biased, be judiciously avoided. Personal matters, individual agenda, offensive comments, etc. would be outside the scope of Group dialogues. The VIF may withhold comments when these are not in accord with the guidelines.
Active participation is solicited.
Director, VIF
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